• Our students explain the C2 experience and the kind of results you can expect better than we ever could. Read two full letters we received from C2 students, and then check out the other things C2 students are saying about their experiences with us.

    Some parents come to us when they are concerned, confused, or even frustrated. Some come when they’re just looking for added enrichment or stimulation for their exceptional children. Whatever the reason they first come to C2, almost all are glad they did.

  • Letter #1

    Dear C2 Staff,

    I write today to express my immense gratitude for your abundant help and to show my gratefulness for sharing your knowledge so unselfishly with me. I’m trying to use those lengthy words that you’ve compressed into my rather miniature brain.

    You know, when I first joined, I assumed the class would be a boring waste of time where evil college nerds (no offense) would haunt me with homework and quizzes. But to my relief, it turned out to be an enjoyable hour or two that I started to look forward to. It was like school without all those agitating rules.

    You guys perfectly incorporate education into jokes and laughter. You make our futures while making our day.

    Thanks Jared for those hilarious jokes. Thanks Peter for your constant compassion. Thanks Cilia for your hysterical, yet scary stories. Thanks Trock for the awesome math. Thanks Katherine for the timed dittos. Thanks Swati for the argumentative explanations. Thanks Cathy for your constant faith in us. Thanks Carol for your spirit elating compliments. I’m sorry about the spelling and apologize to anyone I did not have or forgot about.

    But seriously C2, I and hundreds of other kids couldn’t have made it without you. Thank you!


    Devansh Gupta, C2 Student

    Letter #2

    Dear C2,

    My name is Leah Seifu and I am currently a freshman at Harvard University. I am writing to let you know about my experiences with the C2 Education Center in Rockville, Maryland, which I value as one of the most important parts of my high school education.

    I remember my first day at C2 very clearly. I walked in quietly, timid and scared for what was to come- as I should have been. Taking the SAT for the first time was not a fun experience, especially when I was convinced from the moment I sat down that I was not going to do well. By the end of the exam, I felt like I had just finished a marathon- and come in last place.

    I began to come to C2 regularly to prepare for the SAT, taking (what seemed to be) endless amounts of practice exams, section-by-section, being guided the entire time by a tutor. At first, I did not think that C2 was any help at all. I had always done well in school by working hard on my own, and had never had any sort of tutor before. Therefore, it was a strange concept for me to have someone guiding me through the SAT preparation process. I told my mother that it was a waste of money and time because I thought that I could do it all by myself.

    Eventually, however, I realized that what the tutors at C2 were giving me was more than just practice sections of the SAT. The individual attention that we were given was amazing, as the ratio of tutors to students in each session was almost one-to-one. They gave me strategies for test-taking that went beyond the SAT; I even noticed myself using those strategies on my tests in school. They were a support system for me in all of my schoolwork, as they did not limit themselves to SAP preparation. I could come to them with questions from any of my classes, and they were always eager to help.

    Finally, one of the best things that the C2 tutors gave me was the confidence that I needed to take the exam. Over time, I began to get better and better at taking the individual sections of the test, learning what I had trouble with and working with the tutors to get past those trouble spots. This boosted my confidence greatly, changing my entire approach to exams. I have now realized that the information and test-taking strategies are only half of the recipe for doing well on the SAT and exams in general; confidence is the other half, and I am so thankful to C2 for giving me that.

    On my final day at C2, I took a practice SAT exam for the last time. Thinking back to my first day there made me realize how far I had come. The SAT hadn’t changed, but I had. I still felt like I was running in a marathon, but this time, I actually kind of enjoyed it. It was as though I had a head start, and by the end, I wasn’t so out of breath. The types of questions, timing, and format of the exam had become so familiar to me that I felt as though I had discovered the exam’s little secret.

    The C2 Education Center in Rockville is more than just a test preparation site- it is a community of support and I am very glad to have been a part of it. The tutors and directors, particularly Mrs. Lois Kim, were always happy to give advice on more than just test-taking; in fact, I received some of my best college counseling and information on summer internships, careers, majors, and college in general from C2. Everyone there is looking out for one another, which is one of my favorite parts of the center. When I eventually received my SAT scores and saw that I did very well, I felt as though it were a victory for the entire C2 community, not just for me.


    Leah Seifu, former C2 Student

    I’ve been to three academies, and of those three, I’d have to say that C2 was the best.

    — Alex Yang, C2 Student

    C2 completely shocked me. What they offer is challenging and keeps me interested all two hours…C2 tutors have personalities. They keep things interesting!

    — Ashleigh Rye, C2 Student

    In only two semesters, my GPA has risen. My test scores are consistent and I no longer get lost or confused in class.

    — Charles Hurt, C2 Student

    C2 is the best place to learn…When I came to C2 I was often discouraged. Chris, my C2 tutor, helped me gain confidence by explaining everything step by step.

    — Christina Lee, C2 Student

    C2 teachers are so smart and always encouraging.

    — Christina Lee, C2 Student

    I have noticed changes within myself that I never expected before. My grades have improved and continue to improve…I used to feel like I could not succeed in school, but after about a year in C2, I am certain that I can accomplish my goals.

    — David Yun, C2 Student

    Unlike school teachers, who cannot really focus on his or her individual student, C2 teachers are able to focus on his or her individual students.

    — Grace Cho, C2 Student

    C2 teachers gave me the confidence that I was longing to have in my life for a long, long time…It was a great comfort to know that if I didn’t understand something from school, I could go to C2 to get help.

    — Grace Kim, C2 Student

    C2 teachers taught me math concepts in easy-to-understand ways…I was able to get a 100 on my Calculus final and secure an A in math for the first time…I am very proud of the SAT score I achieved through C2’s vital help. I would recommend C2 to anyone looking to raise their scores drastically.

    — Hyun Jin Bae, C2 Student

    Because of your genuine care for me as an individual, I surpassed my own goal for the SAT…I can only attribute my success to C2 and God.

    — Julia Namgoong, C2 Student

    I give lots of credit to C2 for giving me intellectual confidence and pride in myself.

    — Ki Woong Jin, C2 Student

    I actually had a private tutor for the SAT but I couldn’t reach my goal. With C2, my SAT score increased by 380 points within the last 5 months!

    — Min Jin Oh, C2 Student

    Before big tests, my tutor helps me review that particular section so I get good grades.

    — Misha Suresh, C2 Student

    They have awesome teachers.

    — Neda Khosravi, C2 Student

    C2 is like a second family because they don’t use a traditional class room setting…It’s small enough to get the attention you need, but big enough that it doesn’t feel like private tutoring.

    — Neda Khosravi, C2 Student

    I do not think that there is a better place to go for SAT help than C2.

    — Parth Champaneri, C2 Student

    C2 helped me with my SAT’s because of on-the-spot aid from my teachers.

    — Paul Oh, C2 Student

    I really like coming here.

    — Rae Kim, C2 Student

    I have been exposed to some of the most intelligent tutors…You have never failed to provide me with a better understanding of a concept that had bewildered me…I would never have been able to come as far as I have without your advice.

    — Rishika Chugh, C2 Student

    I was a B student and C2 has turned me into an A student. The teachers treat you as their friends and are there to guide you.

    — Sagar Patel, C2 Student

    The relaxed yet stringent atmosphere is ideal for learning away from the oftentimes stressful classroom.

    — Sean Ko, C2 Student
  • We had tried a couple of tutoring companies before C2…that was the best decision we ever made…What a difference, it was like the light switch went on for our son…The most beautiful result was the confidence it gave him.

    — Ann Lowden, C2 Parent

    I can proudly tell you that choosing C2 was the right decision. Since attending C2, not only did she improve her SAT scores but she began to show interest in studying.

    — Hua Liu, C2 Parent

    Not only is she excelling in school, but she has become so enthusiastic about going to school.

    — Julia Smith, C2 Parent

    Over the course on one year at C2, Jonathan’s reading and writing skills improved dramatically, from his first practice test in September 2006 at 590 for reading, to an 800 perfect score that he received this past December 2007 in the real SAT test.

    — Lily Hale, C2 Parent

    She’s benefited greatly from C2. Her grades and test scores improved in one grading period.

    — Linda Cooper, C2 Parent

    My 16 year old daughter has benefited greatly from the C2 program. Her grades and test scores improved within one grading period. She has learned new study skills and techniques for better organization…C2 teachers are interested in the life of their students.

    — Kate Provost, C2 Parent

    We have enjoyed our conference sessions with our site director and we are grateful for her expertise in preparing our children for college.

    — Mark and Tsige Price, C2 Parents

    Christian greatly enjoyed your great wit, thoroughness, and dedication… As a result of your fine work, Christian was able to obtain the score that he needed to achieve his dream.

    — Mauricio Barreiro, C2 Parent

    My wife and I are so impressed by your thoughtful, kind and focused manner that you showed to our daughter (and previously to our older son, Jesse) that we are recommending C2 to many of our friends. Also, we are pleased that our younger son, Zach, has begun with your tutors and we’re confident that they will help him too. Our older daughter, Samantha, is now interested in coming to your center next summer to help with GRE and LSAT prep. I hope that you are prepared to deal with our entire family.

    — Neil Grunberg, C2 Parent

    Although Venki put forth his best effort, without the mentoring and training of the C2 staff members, he would not have been able to achieve his current success…In four moths his SAT score improved 200 points.

    — Niramathi Ramakrishnan, C2 Parent

    Through C2, her scholastic achievements just get better and better.

    — Priti Vasavada, C2 Parent

    We had tried the usual route of Kaplan tutoring, but were disappointed. Now we are so convinced on how crucial C2 is…Not only did Neil shine on his SAT II, and SAT, but he also had great scores on his AP exams and did excellent school work.

    — Renee Dhillon, C2 Parent

    This year we signed our twins up with C2 and it has made a dramatic difference…The instructors are very well qualified, and my children often tell me how ‘cool’ they are.

    — Steve Lescure, C2 Parent

    The site director knew just what to say to my son to motivate him…C2’s programs get results and put both parents and students at ease.

    — Tammy Mobarry, C2 Parent

    Prior to C2 our daughter had attended Sylvan. They were not a great help. She went there for 8 months with no significant improvement. There, all the children were concentrating on was earning tokens to get useless prizes. With C2, she was on the A-B honor roll after just one report card.

    — Terry and Peggy Walsh, C2 Parents

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your center for the huge help and confidence that you have given to my son Richard. He has excelled in all his subjects especially in writing. His grades have gone up from B’s and C’s to mostly A’s and B’s. Not only has this experience helped him to excel in school, but it has changed his outlook in his daily life by promoting positive actions and thinking.

    — Tom Jones, C2 Parent

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