Smarter Approach

  • C2's Smarter Approach


    The C2 Diagnostic Test is an important first step in our process and has been carefully designed to test the strengths and weaknesses of our students. The results provide us with a detailed academic profile, allowing us to create a personalized curriculum tailored to the needs and goals of each student.

    We offer a full range of diagnostic tests depending on your child’s grade level and individual needs. Diagnostic tests include:

    • K-12 Math and English
    • SAT/ACT
    • PSAT



    At C2, we celebrate the unique abilities and experiences of each of our students. Our method for accomplishing this is weaved throughout all phases of our interaction with students.

    Our curriculum includes a range of flexible learning materials and resources that yield impressive results. But we never rest on our laurels; our in-house development team continuously refines the C2 curriculum based on feedback from students, parents, and tutors.

    C2 can offer help in almost any subject area. Subjects include:

    • Reading/Writing
    • Math
    • Science
    • Advanced Placement
    • Provincial Exams

    Test Preparation


    Tests include: SAT I, SAT II, ACT, PSAT, SSAT, AP, Provincial Exams.

    Book Club & Writing Club


    Program offers to students in grade 4 and above.

    smarter-teachers At C2, we are certain of two things: First, any curriculum is only as good as the tutor delivering it. Second, true learning can only emerge through a bond of trust and respect between student and educator.

    High Standards
    That’s why we insist on such high standards for our tutors. On average, we accept only two percent of the hundreds of candidates who apply for positions at C2 each year. Of these, all must score above the 95th percentile on the SAT.

    Great People
    These educational and professional qualifications are only the start. Our tutors are, first and foremost, great people. They have that ‘extra something’ that builds a strong and lasting rapport with our students, whether they’re offering tutoring in school subjects, preparation for SATs, coaching in Provincial and AP Exams, or assistance with university applications.

    Expert Teachers
    A great tutor is priceless when it comes to learning a challenging concept, a mathematical formula, or simply developing solid study skills. C2 specializes in hiring exceptional tutors who are not only capable of transferring their knowledge to their pupils, but can also impart the extra encouragement and enthusiasm that students need in order to press on when they get frustrated.

    Being a smart student isn’t just about getting good grades or a big score on the SAT – at least not at C2. Our focus has always been on encouraging our students to be well-rounded and to think critically about the world around them. This is what we consider to be an exceptional in a student, and what we strive to help nurture at C2.

    Elementary School Students

    These are the formative years of your child’s academic future. With C2 as part of your team, you can help ensure that the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic are mastered.

    Through C2’s academic tutoring programs, we instill in your child strong study habits that will ensure success now and in the years to come.

    Secondary School Students

    In secondary school, higher level course work like trigonometry, chemistry or physics can frustrate even the most diligent student, which is why we stress the development of individualized approaches and tools specifically designed for high school students.

    Secondary school is also the time when students have to think seriously about university, and about preparation for SATs, Provincials Exams, and university applications. Our teachers have been there before, and have made it their business to keep up with new developments in higher education, so they are the perfect guides for our students.

  • Ready to take the first step?

    • My sons have been going here for over two years and we have had a very positive experience. Their grades in math and English have gotten much better since attending C2. I would not hesitate to recommend them

      Olya Maryn
      C2 Parent
    • The tutors at C2 have been very helpful in my preparation for the SAT, ACT, and my school curriculum. My school grades and standardized test scores have significantly improved with the help of the tutors and staff at C2.I highly recommend C2 Education for assistance regarding any standardized/international tests, in school curriculum, and/or college preparation.

      Emily M.
      C2 Student
    • I have been studying in C2 for almost 3 years and C2 definitely helped me a lot with my school work and SAT. The study environment there is pretty good. Not pushy but not chill either. Teachers are humorous and diligent. I recommend this place!!!!

      Jacqui Y.
      C2 Student
    • C2 is an absolutely phenomenal tutoring service. Not only do the staff have a superior breadth of knowledge, the centers also have an impressive array of resources that are invaluable for enriching the learning experience.

      Kenrick T.
      C2 Student