• There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed

    — Ernest Hemingway

    At C2 we know there’s only one way to become a good writer, and that’s to write. We work with our students to help them build their confidence and find their own literary voice.

  • Here’s what we offer our students at different grade levels:

    Elementary School:

    C2 improves your child’s writing through rigorous exercises in penmanship, spelling, grammar, and composition. Once your child has grasped the mechanics of writing, he or she will start writing stronger sentences, which are the cornerstone for constructing well-developed paragraphs.

    Secondary School:

    Writing is an invaluable communication skill necessary for many courses. C2 offers writing programs that develop the skills required to craft and polish an effective essay. Students learn to brainstorm and outline ideas, develop thesis statements and supporting paragraphs, and, finally, revise and edit their work. C2 ensures that students become clear and concise writers.