Provincial Exams

  • Well, tests ain’t fair. Those that study have an unfair advantage. It’s always been that way.

    — Allan Dare Pearce, Paris in April

    Provincial exams are some of the toughest exams of a student’s secondary school career. Let C2’s carefully selected and trained tutors help give your child an “unfair” advantage over his or her peers!

  • Here’s what we offer our students at different grade levels:

    Grade 10 Provincials (Math, Science, English):

    These are the first provincial exams a student takes during his or her secondary school years. They are worth 20% of the student’s overall grade in each subject, and are a preview and practice for the even more heavily-weighted Grade 12 provincials. C2’s teachers will help your child prepare for his or her first contact with the provincial exam, and ensure that he or she emerge victorious, and ready to tackle the more difficult, and even more critical, Grade 12 provincials.

    Grade 12 Provincials (English Only):

    This is the one that counts! With this exam accounting for 40% of a student’s overall grade in English 12, it is vital that your child is well-prepared for it. C2’s English teachers will help your child achieve the best possible score on this high-stakes exam, by making sure he or she is adept at recognizing literary and figurative devices, able to understand and analyze the fiction, non-fiction, and poetry passages that comprise the exam, and prepared to produce three well-crafted pieces of writing under time pressure.

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    • My sons have been going here for over two years and we have had a very positive experience. Their grades in math and English have gotten much better since attending C2. I would not hesitate to recommend them

      Olya Maryn
      C2 Parent
    • The tutors at C2 have been very helpful in my preparation for the SAT, ACT, and my school curriculum. My school grades and standardized test scores have significantly improved with the help of the tutors and staff at C2.I highly recommend C2 Education for assistance regarding any standardized/international tests, in school curriculum, and/or college preparation.

      Emily M.
      C2 Student
    • I have been studying in C2 for almost 3 years and C2 definitely helped me a lot with my school work and SAT. The study environment there is pretty good. Not pushy but not chill either. Teachers are humorous and diligent. I recommend this place!!!!

      Jacqui Y.
      C2 Student
    • C2 is an absolutely phenomenal tutoring service. Not only do the staff have a superior breadth of knowledge, the centers also have an impressive array of resources that are invaluable for enriching the learning experience.

      Kenrick T.
      C2 Student
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