• The secrets of the universe are written in the language of mathematics.

    — Galileo

    At C2, we think anyone who finds math dull, tedious or way too difficult just hasn’t found the right teacher yet. Having a strong foundation in math is critical to achieving success in higher education in any field, and to surviving and excelling in life after graduation.

  • Here’s what we offer our students at different grade levels:

    Elementary School:

    C2 strengthens your child’s understanding of the fundamentals of arithmetic step by step. Basic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are mastered before being applied to more difficult concepts such as fractions, word problems, tables, and graphs.

    Secondary School:

    Your child will learn how to manipulate arithmetic properties involving integers, fractions, decimals, and percentages. Our excellent tutors will show your child how to integrate these skills when writing equations, translating words into mathematical expressions and, finally, tackling multi-step problems. C2’s expert tutors offer instruction in advanced math courses, such as pre-calculus, calculus, and statistics. We seek to illuminate concepts through detailed explanations, guided practice and supplemental exercises.