Enrichment Workshops

  • Constant study can be tedious and, at times, counterproductive. That’s why we at C2 are constantly trying to vary the experiences and offerings available to our students. Below are some of the enrichment activities we offer:

    C2 Debate Club

    Unlike other debate classes in some high schools, the C2 Debate Clubs are focused on the learning process. We firmly believe that more important than winning each debate competition is the opportunity for students to become familiar with current issues in the nation and around the world.

    C2 Book Club

    Our weekly Book Clubs open the door of imagination for students of all ages. While most book clubs focus solely on rapidly reading as many books as possible, ours focuses on creative development, critical analysis, and cognitive thinking skills. We allow students to appropriately read at their own pace, regardless of their grade level. A specific theme overarches each semester of the Book Club, and because two grade levels comprise one club, younger students are challenged by the older students, while the older students help and encourage the younger students.

    C2 Math Club

    Our Math Club is specifically tailored for those who enjoy and excel in math. Through this program, participants learn to understand math while building up an excellent curriculum for future learning. We also encourage participants to compete in national math events, like:

    • American Mathematics Competitions
    • CEMC Test (Gauss, Pascal, Cayley, Fermat, Fryer, Galois, Hypatia, Euclid)

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